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your guide, plus whether to try the alt-sex technique tonight

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    When it comes to getting intimate with your other half, sometimes you have to mix things up a little to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Whether it’s trying one of the best sex apps or giving one of the best sex positions a go, there are a whole host of things you can try – including astral sex.

    Ever heard of it? Lucky for you, we’ve spoken to the experts to get their take below. For now, know if you are keen to mix things up a bit in the bedroom, it’s actually been proven to be great for both your physical and mental wellbeing. One 2016 study published in J Health Soc Behav found that participants who had more sex were less likely to experience cardiovascular ailments like heart attacks and so on later in life.

    It’s good to know, then, that three 2017 surveys found that people in the UK are reportedly experimenting from an earlier age. Research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health shared that previously, one in ten 16 to 24-year-olds had tried vaginal, oral, and anal sex, yet by 2010 (the most recent data), the number increased to one in five.

    That said, astral sex is about more than just sexual experimentation – it’s about sex in another dimension. Yep, you read that right. Keep scrolling to read up on the somewhat out-there trend, and don’t miss our guides to the best sex toys and best sex toys for couples, while you’re here.

    What is astral sex?

    An increasingly popular bedroom trend, astral sex describes having sex during an out-of-body experience.

    Often coined “sex for the soul,” astral sex promises to combine sex with astral projection – that is, projecting your soul onto another plane or dimension, where you’re then able to let your soul have sex with another soul. Sounds a bit… whacky, right? Right. But there are several different types of astral sex, and at its simplest, experts explain that it’s essentially an intentional out-of-body experience.

    One astral projection guru Steve G. Jones describes it as “the soul’s ability to consciously leave the body and travel somewhere else,” further adding that out-of-body sex with another soul means that there’s “no procreation, no STDs, and no pregnancy.”


    While expert Graham Nicholls, an OBE researcher and author of Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, explains to Mind Body Green, shares that you need to have psychic powers of some form to be able to experience astral sex, others report experiencing it unintentionally mid-sleep. It’s said to be more common for people who are in the stages of a REM cycle between sleep and consciousness. Ever been half asleep and felt as though you are falling or tripping before your body suddenly jolts you awake? Then you might have experienced it already, as astral sex, for some, is the combination of this moment and sexual intercourse.

    For others, it’s the active decision to try and leave your physical body and enjoy a sexual experience in another dimension. Like the sound of enjoying an intimate experience while your soul outside of your body? Sure, it might not be for you, but for the millions globally who believe in other realms, dimensions, and so on, it’s a very appealing (and no doubt on brand) way of sexually experimenting.

    Think of it this way: if you think that out-of-body experiences can occur at all, then technically speaking, so can astral sex, as another form of out-of-body experience. The idea is that someone is able to intentionally “leave” their physical body. As Nicholls explains to Mind Body Green: “Astral sex is like a union of two conscious experiences,” he explains. “In some of the esoteric literature, astral sex has been called ‘melding,’ which gives an idea of what the experience is like. It’s more like the entire self, or inner experience, is shared and unified with another person.”

    Instead of focusing on a physical union, astral sex relies on two souls connecting in a deeper and more spiritual way.

    Jones goes on: “Feedback is very important during sexual intercourse and that’s sometimes lost in the physical world… but in the astral world, feedback is automatic because you’re seeing your soul.”

    How does astral sex work?

    As above, by leaving your physical body and entering the astral plane. Keen to give it a go yourself? As per, start by lying down and relaxing as much as you can until you reach a meditative state. Then imagine your soul sitting up without moving your physical body. Once your soul is free, it will roam and find its astral sex partner.

    As per the site, once your soul has found your partner’s, they will penetrate each other, meaning that physically, you and your partner will not need to touch.

    That said, it is also possible to have a spiritual experience while having sexual intercourse or masturbating, too.

    All a bit too… out there for you? Slightly more this-dimension experimenting, like spanking, bondage for beginners, or pegging, may be more up your street.

    So what do you reckon – is astral sex within the realm of reason?

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