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Windfall: Everything You Need To Know About Lily Collins And Jason Segel’s New Thriller

Netflix has lined up yet another must-see movie for adrenaline junkies, Windfall – starring Emily In Paris star Lily Collins, no less. Seriously, what with also gracing our January digital cover, Lily has been one busy woman.

A definite departure from Insta-perfect influencer antics, Collins has joined up with Hollywood royalty in a thriller that is going to leave you on the edge of your seat for sure. Our girl’s got range.

Here’s everything you need to know about Windfall.

What is Windfall about?

The film follows the story of a married couple whose idyllic weekend away is railroaded when they interrupt a man trying to rob their holiday home. Eeeek.

It looks like the story will revolve around the three characters alone, isolated and trapped, trying to outwit each other for survival. The experience will call into question whether being rich means you have the perfect life, with the trio all doubting who they can truly trust.

Windfall has been described as a “Hitchcockian thriller”, so we’re expecting big things.

Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons star in Windfall as husband and wife.

@ 2022 Netflix, Inc.

Who has been cast in Windfall?

Collins and Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons will play husband and wife, while Jason Segel will play their robber – with a rather fabulous beard to accompany his sinister character. Segel also co-wrote the story, so we’re wondering if he’ll be bringing his signature comedy to the proceedings.

Charlie McDowell – who has worked with Segel before on Netflix film The Discovery, which also starred Rooney Mara – is set to direct. He also happens to be Lily Collins’s husband, after the couple tied the knot back in September 2021.

What do the team behind Windfall have to say about the film?

Although Windfall isn’t about the pandemic itself, the idea of feeling imprisoned inside your own home – inspired by lockdown, no less – was one that was implemented into the heart of the plot.

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