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Willow Smith Filter Creator, Balraj Bains, Speaks GLAMOUR

By dwell, I mean to say reflection is important, but not to internalise it and think there is something wrong with you. Discrimination happens with subtler actions and words these days, but it is still heavy to deal with and does create problems like who gets to have a career in an industry, who is given opportunities (also income) and that does play on worldwide disparity. I’d like the severity of the consequences to be more acknowledged.

For now, I think we need to not be completely disheartened when there are times when we have to put in 3x as much effort and skill to prove ourselves as our counterparts (even though we shouldn’t have to). If you enjoy it, sometimes we get tired and that’s fine too, take it in your own direction at your own pace and like mentioned before, know your people to have as your core. Keep advancing yourself in technical and soft skills, but just don’t forget about it unless it’s a decision you actively take to stop. And – as they say – when you get a seat at the table, help pull someone else up too, especially marginalised people including those who have been putting in work already or breaking into their own concepts. It’s very exciting to see an effect or tutorial series made by people of colour, women and non-binary people, especially when it is beyond tokenism.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Hm… I hope to still be fully immersed in the creative tech world! And I hope I can make a difference in diversity and authenticity so spaces feel encouraging and empowering without a need to be fake. I expect myself to keep exploring both creative and technical ideas which let people explore ideas of being with our psychological and emotional experiences. Those can be ideas which are useful, conceptual pieces or just for fun!

I’m interested in storytelling, how we interact with or make friends with tech and bringing our imagination to life. The sci-fi we have takes us into complete dystopia or utopia, but neither is realistically the way it’s likely to go. I’d hope it becomes closer to utopia but it takes people changing things with ethics in mind and carefully developing ideas, outcomes and politics while acting in people’s best interest. AI imaging is an example of how we can initiate and develop our ideas for further projects and expand our imaginations of who we want to be, where we want to be and what we can do.

I want to encourage others who are underrepresented to explore their imaginations and work together, as I know I will continue to. We can create (almost) anything we want to see through Augmented Reality, or at least start the conversation around it. I know that getting into AR helped build my sense of self, confidence and created some real friends, so my hope is that we reach a day when no one feels discriminated against, including in ways of money, neglect or sub-text so we can fully focus on our creativity and be equally acknowledged for it.

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