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Whole-Body Skincare Is The Big Beauty Trend Of 2020

When it comes to our skincare, we expect the most sophisticated formulas and active ingredients and spend hours attending to our skin’s every need. So, why do many of us pay so little attention to body skincare?

We know to look out for Vitamin C if our skin is looking a little dull, or to opt for salicylic acid if we’re experiencing blocked pores and breakouts and to make a beeline for hyaluronic acid for a hydration fix. 

Yet, when it comes to skin below the chin, we ignore it entirely. Our calves could be cracked and screaming for some moisture, and we’ll just cover them up with a tracksuit. Our underarms could be itching and red, yet we fail to provide relief, instead choosing to continue applying anti-perspirants we know is causing the irritation. 

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In 2022, however, this is all going to change. Maybe the extra few minutes in the mornings thanks to working from home for the past two years has let us extend our beauty routines. Or maybe it’s just that we want to be as healthy as we can, on the inside and out.

For obvious reasons, there has been a big boom in self care and we’re all making more of an effort to look after our mental and physical health. Even the nay-sayers have had to switch stiff-upper lips for some sanity-boosting rituals in order to keep a level head. Taking care of our bodies – and our skin – is step one. Deservedly, too, since innovations in skincare have been rapidly improving in time to meet this invigorated demand. Body care has gone and upped its game, and we’re not talking about silkier creams.

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“More people seem to be taking the extra time in their routines to take care of their bodies,” says Hope Smith, founder and CEO of new beauty brand MUTHA. “Our consumers are smart, they aren’t only treating wrinkles and pigmentation on their faces. They want the same active ingredients that have been reserved for smaller areas of the face for their bodies.”

Reaping the benefits of skincare science previously reserved for faces, we’re discovering the all-over moisture boosting benefits of hyaluronic acid on dusty limbs, the exfoliating power of AHA on rough arms, and retinol’s potential as a scar and stretch-mark smoother. Even textures are getting an upgrade, with serum, oil and gel body formulas reminding us that all skin has a right to equal treatment.

“Our bodies carry the weight of the world, yet we often don’t give them what they deserve,” says Hope. “It’s important to treat your body with the same nourishing ingredients and attention to detail as you do your face.” With that in mind, let’s take a dip into the burgeoning world of bodycare.

Here are the game-changing body skincare formulas that will best care for the skin on your body…

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