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What Went Down in The Box for The Wiz Kid Concert Hosted by Ash Luxe – PAUSE Online

Flashing it back to the most sought after concert of the year featuring Naija’s finest, Wiz Kid. Courtesy of Ash Luxe, a fellow friend of PAUSE and Nigerian owned brand, PAUSE understood that time was of the essence… so said, so done, Wiz said “don’t dull” and we couldn’t, so what did we do? We found our way to the concert, special thanks to Able VIP and brought along fans of his to gyrate to the vibes.

Captured is Ellis Iyayi, Carmen Do, David Fadd, Claire O’Tabs, Jay Humroy, Marvin Anthony, Olivia Natalie, Chanelle Natalie, Julius Juliano, Marr Etame, Kanaan Pitan, Jen Eleto, Jake Marcelo, Clement Lecornu, Riise Peters, Jordan Hames and Millie Hannah.

All photos taken by @cultureonthego ⚡️

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