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What To Wear To Work: Work Outfits For The Office

If you’re anything like us (read: alternating between pyjamas and hoodies and the occasional white shirt and suit combo on the rare days we’ve had IRL business meetings over the past 24 months) then you’re probably at a loss of how to put together work outfits now that a mass return to the office is in full swing. There’s been little to get excited about in the way of groundbreaking outfits until recently, but we’ve been well and truly inspired by the spring/summer 2022 fashion trends swathing the catwalks and we’re ready to get on them ourselves.

Those who have been working from home since March last year are now suddenly faced with the very real prospect of a commute (and commuter burnout) once again, and with that already-daunting idea comes the expectation of wearing a professional wardrobe. We’re talking actual shoes and not just slippers, and smart blazers instead of cardigans. We know – sounds scary. How we ever put together outfits five times a week with such little thought is mind boggling, let alone how we woke up in time to both put makeup on and catch the train in time. Don’t even get us started on wearing anything other than a wireless bra, either. What we’re interested in is how to dress appropriately for work again with subtle nods to the comfort of our loungewear portfolios.

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Sound familiar? If you, too, are struggling with the concept of a back-to-work wardrobe and work clothes in general, we’re here to serve up some serious sartorial inspo to make mornings that little bit easier. After all, there are more important things to be worried about right now than whether or not that midi skirt goes with that shirt, or whether those jeans are appropriate for the office. The fact is, there are plenty of black leggings that’d pass as trousers out there that need only be paired with a slouchy white T-shirt and a suit jacket to warrant as a work appropriate ensemble.

In order to reignite your sartorial flair in the work place, we recommend you keep things super simple at first. Stick to the basics, and then branch out with a pop of colour (hello dopamine dressing) or some leopard print. There’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe, just the odd few pieces. Keep things classic and you’ll struggle to go wrong.

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For the first few weeks, you might find it easier to keep colours relatively muted, and your look tonal. That is, if your favourite baggy T-shirt is blue, then opt for a navy coat and bag to tie it all together. These stirrup leggings, this masculine blazer and this white T-shirt is the sort of vibe we mean. This collared jumper is a smart step up from our usual knitwear favourites, and wide-leg trousers like these are everywhere at the moment for their work-to-drinks appeal. 

Proportion wise, it’s important to nail the comfy-but-professional look to ensure you’re not feeling uncomfortable before you’ve even had your 11am coffee. Essentially, keep everything balanced in order to avoid either drowning your body or rendering it so sucked in you can’t breathe when you’re sat at your desk. If you go for a form-fitting top, keep it loose on the bottom – likewise the other way round.

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