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What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline

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Sometimes, choosing a necklace to wear with your outfit can be quite confusing. Here’s a guide on what necklace to wear with what neckline, including v-neck, sweetheart, square, and more.

A necklace is more than just an accessory; it’s a statement piece. It’s an elegant finishing detail to your favorite everyday outfit or the bold pop of color that pairs beautifully with your little black dress.

When choosing the right necklace to complete your look, you need to make sure it compliments your appearance and enhances the natural beauty of the neckline you choose.

Let’s face it: From collared shirts to boat necklines, styling both styles with the same necklace wouldn’t have the same power of creative perfection that you desire when reflecting your personal style.

We’re here to help you with a handy guide on how to choose a complementing necklace for the neckline of your choice and show you how to style it to make your next outfit that much better.

Let’s take a look at what choice of necklace to wear with what neckline, and how a necklace can enhance your overall look when picked correctly.

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline

1. V-Neck

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A V-neck is bold and deserves a necklace to match the style and mood that it provides. When choosing the perfect necklace to wear, you will want to keep in mind the depth and length of the V-neck to ensure you don’t wear a necklace too long or short.

Whether you are looking for a subtle drop or a dramatic one with a plunging neckline, your necklace should complement it by following the neckline and resting a few inches above the drop in the V-neck. If you have a more subtle V-neck line, you’ll want to find something a bit shorter so that it doesn’t clash with the neckline of your choice.

This Heart Pendant Necklace is the perfect centerpiece for v-neck tops. The simple pendant will pair beautifully with the v-neck shape and give you an elegant, simple finish to your overall outfit.

Whatever necklace you decide to choose, you’ll want to make sure the style of the pendant doesn’t clash with the look of the neckline. Heart and diamond-shaped necklaces tend to work better with this style.

2. Square

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline: Square neckline
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A square neckline is a unique and classy style that comes with some challenges when looking for a necklace to complement the look. We recommend pairing this neckline with a layered necklace look, that sits above the square neckline.

This will work to add a bit of dimension to your outfit and give you a more balanced look. If you are looking for a bolder necklace look, you can also try pairing it with a chunky choker.

The Gold Ball Chain Layered Necklace is a great choice since it’s dainty, delicate, and designed to sit close to your chest to provide a finishing look to any outfit, dress, or workwear attire. What this does is fill in the open area on the chest and create a completed look.

If the square neckline is higher on your neck, you have the option to wear a longer necklace that reaches down to your waistline. When paired with the square neckline, it works to lengthen the style and add a bit more emphasis to the look as a whole. This also works for a formal event!

3. Sweetheart

A sweetheart neckline was made to resemble the top part of a heart. This neckline combines romance with tradition and when worn correctly, presents a clean, put-together look to your natural appearance.

When you pair a necklace with a sweetheart neckline, you want to make sure you choose a necklace that complements the romantic aspects of the look. Since the neckline is already elegant and beautiful in its unique way, you’ll want to stick with shorter necklaces that are simple in style, to not distract from the beauty that the neckline provides.

The Kapri Silver Small Long Pendant Necklace in Lustre Glass is classy, simple, and doesn’t distract from the beauty since it comes with a small pendant. The elegant shape works to complement the small dip in the sweetheart neckline and isn’t too distracting.

To make up for the simple necklace, you can wear statement earrings!

4. Turtleneck

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline: Turtleneck
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Eternally Linked Gold Chain Necklace
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A turtleneck provides a blank canvas for stylish fun. This elegant look works to elongate your neck and add power to an up-do hairstyle.

When it comes to accessorizing a turtleneck for your next holiday party or family get-together, the turtleneck allows for many different necklaces to be used: you can choose to layer, opt for a simple necklace, or instead, go for a bold, contrasting necklace.

Consider pairing this Eternally Linked Gold Chain Necklace with a black or a white turtleneck for a bold and defined look that is sure to turn heads and compliment the neckline.

This chain is bright and contrasting enough to tie in all of the elements of your outfit. If the gold chain look isn’t for you, you can consider adding a pop of color and a bit of fun with a bold-colored pendant.

5. Scoop

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline: Scoop neckline
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A scoop neckline (or a round neckline) is a classic and traditional look known for its wider appearance and deep curvature. Since this neckline is simplistic, you have the opportunity to add a bit of layering and volume to help uplift the overall feel.

You can utilize the open space by wearing a necklace with a bold and captivating pendant, like the Davis Gold Long Pendant Necklace. Gemstones are great for adding personality to a traditional style like the scoop neck.

6. Boat

A boat neckline is an elegant and modest neckline that works to draw attention to your face and is paired beautifully with bold, chunky earrings. If you are looking for a classy option with a dainty pendant to match the sophisticated nature of this neckline, try the Kendra Scott Elisa Satellite Pendant Necklace.

The unique shape of the pendant works with the boat style and is meant to sit above the neckline. The simplistic design and pop of color will accentuate this traditional neckline without overwhelming the complete outfit, keeping the main focus on the natural beauty and radiance of your face.

7. One Shoulder

Oh My Stars Gold Choker Necklace
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A one-shoulder neckline has a ton of personality that usually doesn’t require a necklace to have a stunning, show-stopping appearance. However, if you decide to accessorize this type of neckline, you should go all out.

The Oh My Stars Gold Choker Necklace adds a little bling and a whole lot of fun without disrupting the one-shoulder experience. A choker is a great fit for a one-shoulder look because it draws attention above the neck and adds emphasis to the uniqueness of the style instead of taking away from it.

If you decide a necklace might be too much, you can always pair it with a pair of chunky or flashy earrings.

8. Button-Down

Ready, Set Bow! 14KT Gold Necklace
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Whether you are looking to enhance your office wear or level up your favorite everyday button-down shirt, a necklace can make or break the entire look. Luckily, you have options when it comes to styling the look.

If you are choosing to button all of the buttons of your collared shirt, try bringing your look to the next level with a bold, bib-style necklace that will sit above the buttons. When you choose the right necklace that fits your style, this look is bold, daring, and full of personality.

If you are choosing to keep some of your buttons unbuttoned, you may want to pair it with a dainty and delicate necklace. Our choice is the Ready, Set Bow! 14KT Gold Necklace for any collared shirt look. The necklace is unique enough to draw attention but doesn’t overwhelm your neckline or overall look. This is a great necklace choice for any office wear outfit where you don’t want to be too overwhelming or over the top.


Deciding what necklace to wear with what neckline is an art form. When choosing a necklace for your neckline, you want to be sure you are picking the one that accentuates your natural beauty and highlights your favorite parts of the neckline you choose.

The right necklace has the power to enhance your entire look, provide a sophisticated feel, or even create a powerful dimensional finish. Even though not every necklace will look stunning with every neckline, you have the creative freedom to find what works for you and create new outfits with every opportunity.

With a little bit of help and creativity, you can enhance your outfit and give it the finished and beautiful look you want to achieve.

With this said, keep in mind that the ultimate choice about what necklace to wear with your outfit is still yours – don’t think about rules too much, and have fun experimenting with different styling options!

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