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What Color Shoes To Wear With A Purple Dress: The 8 Best Options

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Are you having a hard time finding what color of shoes to wear with your purple dress? If so, this definitive guide will help you choose the best option!

It’s hard to find the perfect shoe color that matches your dress, especially if you have a dress in a bit of an unusual color such as purple or lavender. Purple has always been associated with regality, and with the right shade and style, it can look truly amazing when it comes to clothing.

Below we’ll go over the best color shoes to wear with light and dark purple dresses, no matter the occasion. You probably already have many of these colors in your shoedrobe, but in case you don’t, we picked a few examples that are available online.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the shoes!

What Color Shoes To Wear With Purple Dresses

1. Nude Shoes

Nude shoes (also called beige shoes) are well known for their versatility and ability to pair well with almost any outfit colors. Brown shoes, or any other shades of brown colors are the perfect complement to purple dresses since they also give the illusion of long legs. This is why it’s a wardrobe staple to have not only heels, but also a reliable pair of brown sandals as well.

Whether it’s a dark purple dress or a bright purple outfit, nude shoes will always be a perfect match!

2. Black Shoes

When in doubt, always go for a classic pair of black heels. Chances are, you already have a pair of them in your closet, so don’t sweat it out! Black shoes are a great choice for a variety of reasons: whether it’s for a casual outfit or a special occasion, black is a common color that will always go well no matter what outfit or color there is.

If you’re going clubbing with your besties and you have a gorgeous light purple dress on you, it’s best to match it with a gorgeous pair of black pumps!

3. Matching Purple Shoes

Of course, purple outfits will always go well with purple shoes! Just make sure not to get the neon purple ones (unless you have a none purple dress), but more of the pastel hues like lilac or lavender.

Purple shoes are very pleasant to look at, and soft purple shoes also give off a vibrant, youthful vibe to your overall look!

4. White Shoes

White shoes are best paired with light purple dresses such as lavender or lilac. This combo looks seriously amazing in the summer, and adds a bit of youthful y2k vibe into any outfit.

However, despite being a neutral hue, white color doesn’t tend to go well with dark colors since it will stand out too much. For example, if you wear a dark purple dress and you have white heels on, it might too contrasting to look at since the dark shade of your outfit will only bring attention to your feet.

5. Silver Shoes

Metallic shades are great to pair with outfits in general since they provide a little bit of extra shine and glamour on your feet. Silver high heels are a popular choice especially when paired with bridesmaid dresses, but they can also be worn on other kinds of formal occasions.

However, if you already have an over-the-top dress on you, it’s better to steer clear from footwear like this in order to not overwhelm your entire look.

6. Grey Shoes

Grey hues go well with purple, especially light grey. Wearing grey shoes will complement your dress greatly without taking too much attention, which makes it a perfect choice for footwear. Not only that, but grey is a beautiful neutral color that can also complement a lot of other outfits.

For a trendy yet edgy look, wear a dark purple short dress with a pair of grey snake-print knee-high boots, and layer it with a black coat.

7. Blush Shoes

This might be one of the more unusual color combinations, but trust us when we say that blush shoes + purple dress = a match made in heaven.

Light pink adds a touch of femininity to outfits, and it brings balance to your overall look. If you have a light purple dress on you such as lilac or pastel purple, make sure to match it with a cute pair of strappy sandals in the color blush!

8. Gold Shoes

We will always be in love with gold shoes. Like we said earlier, metallic shades tend to go very well with many variations of outfits since they bring in a little bit of magic and elegance to your feet, and if you’re not a fan of silver, try gold or rose gold shoes instead.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a shoe color that goes well with anything?

Always remember: go for neutrals such as black, beige, and grey. These colors can offset a more vibrant outfit or complement darker ones, and are therefore a good choice to pair with any outfit there is!

What jewelry goes with purple dresses?

You can never go wrong with silver or gold jewelry! Just make sure that the designs will also complement your dress. If you have an extravagant outfit on you, it’s best to go with a simple necklace and small earrings.

I want a pop of color on my outfit. What color purse should I get?

If you’re feeling adventurous, bring a small handbag in a pastel color to pair with your lavender outfit. Buttery yellows, light pinks and dreamy lavenders will all look great. For a real pop of color, go for a green bag.

If you have a dress in a darker purple, a metallic silver purse would be your best choice.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you’re still looking for more styling inspiration, check the posts down below.

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