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Wedding Shoes: 32 Pairs That You’ll Want To Wear Over And Over Again

Struggling to find the perfect wedding shoes?

You may have finally found the perfect dress, the veil to work with your very specific up-do and even a blue garter (ticking! boxes!), but until you find the perfect bridal heels – or flats – your wedding look is – we’re sorry to break it to you – not yet complete.

An often overlooked element of the bridal aesthetic, the fact that wedding shoes are usually hidden entirely beneath swathes of frothy fabric renders it easy – and sometimes tempting – to relegate them to the bottom of your priority list in the hope that you’ll stumble across something perfect later down the line.

But in the same way you painstakingly dwell on your wedding ‘scent’ (don’t take this the wrong way, but 99% of your guests won’t notice it) and your lingerie (hopefully at least one person will notice that), wearing a beautiful pair of shoes is worth all the searching – and spending – because, after all, it’s your bl**** wedding day. And also, of course, because they’re one of the primary sources of comfort (or discomfort!) on the day.

Not only do you want to feel happy with your entire look – and everyone will likely get at least one good eyeful of your wedding shoes as you hoist your dress to dance or when you whip off that aforementioned blue garter – but you also want your hooves to feel like they’re walking on clouds. Not usually how they feel when you’re walking in an aesthetically spectacular pair of shoes…

Also, let’s be totally honest, you’ll likely get a lot more cost-per-wear points with the wedding shoes than you will with the dress.

Sold? Now you’re on-board with their importance, scroll down for the wedding shoes you’ll rewear over and over again (even once the frock is buried in the back of the wardrobe). 

Whether you’re looking for a pair of heels, something flat, trainers or ‘something blue’, we’ve picked the very best wedding shoes to buy right now…

For more from Glamour UK’s Fashion Editor Charlie Teather, follow her on Instagram @charlieteather.

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