Videos Platform App

Videos Platform App

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This is Android Application is for Suitable for Videos Platform like you have website where you upload vidoes or you have a YouTube Channel. Then this app is greate for you. The most intresting feature of this product is you can fetch videos from any Youtube Channel in a few clicks. You can create a News App by fetching data from a News Youtube Channel. You can create a Sports Videos platfrom by fetching data from a Sports Youtube Channel. You can also add multiple live streams from admin pannel.

Online Documentation


Admin Pannel Demo


Demo Apk File


Detail Image

To check how to add videos directly from youtbe into admin pannel Click Here.

Other Features:

Operates from Simple and Easy to Use Php based Admin Pannel
Admob Advertisement Enabled
Supports All Kinds of Live Streamings:
Youtube Live Streaming
HLS Streaming ( .m3u8 )
DASH Streaming
Smooth Streaming
Supports Other Formats: .mp4 – .flv – .avi etc

Check for Update
Checking for Streams ( is any stream added using admin pannel )
Random Videos Fetching ( Home Page/Screen )
Latest and Popular Videos Fetching
Fetching Data Categories Wise
You can set separate social link for each stream
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