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Veronica Yoko Plebani Vogue Italia January 2022

Francesca Ragazzi continues to make her mark over at Vogue Italia. She started her tenure by picking Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni for October, won us over with Lady Gaga for November and gave us a dash of diversity to close out 2021. Now the Italian fashion bible’s front cover goes to Veronica Yoko Plebani. The remarkable Italian athlete, who won a bronze medal at the 2020 Paralympic Games, wears a floral look from Marni’s Spring 2022 collection selected by stylist Vanessa Reid for the image snapped by Cho Gi-Seok.


Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t catering to most of our forum members. “What on earth is that cover? Honestly, if this is what I’m getting for 2022, I’d rather see print magazines die and just exist in digital form,” declared Ed..

“Is this Document Journal?” asked Kimy Jo.

“It’s all a bit underwhelming,” added annikad.

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Scotty wasn’t captivated, either. “Wow. A new Vogue Italia cover and it completely goes under the radar.”

“Laughable, pathetic, mediocre, etc. I can’t really add much more to what’s already been said, what a disaster,” echoed WinstonH20.

“Last month’s covers by Rafael Pavarotti also fell short for me, but this right here has fallen waaaaaay, way short. The only element I can remotely tolerate is the font, but that’s an extreme push,” critiqued vogue28.

But not everyone disliked the cover. “I’m glad Vogue Italia is back to the old formula with a single title. Just simplicity,” ivano pointed out.

“I actually find this beautiful…” admired Urban Stylin.

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