VariationPress –  Variation Swashes and Gallery for WooCommece

VariationPress – Variation Swashes and Gallery for WooCommece

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An extension of WooCommerce that make your products be more beauty and friendly to customers.

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VariationPress is plugin for WooCommerce provides a much nicer way to display variations of variable products. This plugin will help you select style for each attribute as color, image or label. With this plugin, you can present product colors, sizes, styles and many things in a better way which is not supported by WooCommerce.
This plugin only adds more options to show product variations with swatches. It doesn’t touch the default drop-down style of WooCommerce.

With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, you can add default color, image or label to each attribute in the attributes management page. It can also helps you pick the right style for quick-add attribute right inside the editing product page.

VariationPress make your product gallery beautiful and better, increase sales and get more customer attention.

VariationPress Features

Variation Swatches

See how to variation swatches works

  • Completely integrate with WooCommerce plugin
  • Create attribute color swatches, multiple colors swatches.
  • Create attribute image swatches
  • Create attribute label/text swatches
  • Create attribute thumbnail swatches
  • Manage attribute globally
  • Of-Canvas swatches selector.
  • Auto convert dropdown into Thumbnail Swatches if variation image exists.
  • Archive( Catalog, Shop, Category, Tag,…) page swatches.
  • Create new attribute swatch in product editing page.
  • Support override settings at every single product
  • Custom Swatches size for each type.
  • Custom style for swatches.

See video how to gallery works

  • Thumbnail Slider for archive pages (Support all product types).
  • Bulk set gallery images for attribute pairs.
  • Unlimited gallery images for variations.
  • Allows to insert multiple images for per variation
  • Bulk set images for variation of matching attribute pairs.
  • Drag to sort for gallery images.
  • Slider with left thumbnail.
  • Slider with right thumbnail.
  • Slider with bottom thumbnail.
  • Slider with bottom grid thumbnail.
  • Grid display support up to 4 columns.
  • Custom number item display in slider.
  • Custom number slider navigation.
  • Responsive slider settings.
  • Video (YouTube, Vimeo, hosted video,….) support for single product.

More Features

  • Work on most popular themes (If your theme not working or conflict just contact us ).
  • Mobile optimized.

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