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Tracee Ellis Ross spills her beauty tea as we count down Pattern Beauty UK launch

I auditioned to be a Harvard Graduate lawyer and didn’t get the part because I wasn’t sexy enough

“Social media will have you thinking everything with your body is wrong. I’m lucky in my friendship group, we’re all in the same age group, and we’re all dealing with the same, growth spurts that we’re in right now. Our body’s changing and it’s actually quite beautiful to share. I feel very honored to get older, not everybody has this opportunity. I’ve often been confronted by some of that negative feedback about my physical appearance. There was this one time when I was in the last stages of auditioning for a TV show. I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s gonna make my career.’ It was to play the role of a Harvard-educated lawyer. I was told, however, that the way I dressed for the audition was not sexy enough. They wanted a shorter skirt, more makeup, more cleavage, and just sexier. They kept showing pictures of me from ten and twelve years earlier. And I was like, well, ‘I don’t look like that anymore.’ They even made me put on a push-up bra, as they didn’t like where my girls were placed, and screamed down the hallway to see if anyone had a bra I could borrow. It’s really weird in those moments, because you wanna be able to respond appropriately, but somehow you’re just caught in the thing. Someone gave me a bra, it was a size too small. They said ‘that’s perfect. It’ll make them sit up’. I felt sick to my stomach. I put on the bra, I auditioned, I did not get the part. Thank God.”

If my beauty cabinet was on fire I’d save…

“Firstly the May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden Facial Spray, £68 that I spray on like it’s the moisture of the Gods, the necter of the Gods, oh my God, obssessed. Number two is of course the Pattern Beauty Holy Grail, which is is the leave-in conditioner. You can get curl pop hang time on those curls, you will get gloss and shine. For my third one I’m torn but I’m going to say Biologique Recherche La Grande Crème. God, I wanted to say MAC’s Ruby Woo, but okay, I think I’m good.”

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