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Tom Daley launches new knitting kit collection – Made With Love

Olympic diving champion Tom Daley has announced the launch of his very own knitting kit brand, Made With Love By Tom Daley.

The inaugural 15-piece collection, entitled 1896 (inspired by the first modern Olympics), includes knit kits for jumpers, cardigans, accessories and novelty items. Each kit comes with all the needles, yarn and knitting patterns customers will need to create their own homemade knitwear pieces.

Products available for purchase are suitable for beginners right through to advanced knitters, with prices ranging from £30 to £220 – which’ll get you a knit kit for a double sized blanket. 

“Over the past two years, knitting has been my saviour,” Tom says in a statement accompanying news of the brand’s launch. “It’s been a form of mindfulness in between training and competing, and a way to pass the time while I’ve been travelling or sat at home during lockdowns. I bring my knitting everywhere and I feel like I’ve accomplished something every time I make something new. I like to think knitting is making a comeback so I look forward to people giving it a try if they haven’t before, making things they can actually wear.”

Check out some of our favourite pieces from the Made With Love By Tom Daley collection below:

Admire Vest, from £70

Cheer Scarf (Olive), £80

Thread The Love Blanket, £220

Tom Daley

Winter Warmer Hat, £35

Cuddle Cardigan, from £125

Tom Daley

Made With Love…

It was in the summer of 2021 during the Tokyo Olympics that the world first became aware of Tom Daley’s love of needlework, when photographs of the 27-year-old knitting in between dives circulated the globe.

Following the games, Daley’s dedicated knitting Instagram account, @MadeWithLoveByTomDaley gained over 1 million followers in just 2 weeks, with fans becoming obsessed with photos of his knitted medal pouches, Team GB cardigans  and Harry Styles / J W Anderson replica knit.

Visit to view the Made With Love collection in full.

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