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Tom Daley launches his own line of knitting kits

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley has released his own line of knitting kits.

Daley made headlines at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year when he was spotted knitting in the stands of various sporting events.

In posts to Instagram at the time, he revealed that he had created an Olympics-themed cardigan with the words “Team GB” written across the back, and a small pouch for his gold medal.

Months after the knits received widespread praise, the athlete has created a line of kits to help fans create their own rugs, stuffed toys, blankets, and jumpers.

The collection, named “1896” after the first modern Olympic Games, ranges from £30 for a Santa stocking to £220 for a large multi-coloured blanket.

In a video announcing the launch, Daley said he hopes the kits will encourage people to pick up the hobby.

“As a lot of you know by now, I am completely knitting obsessed,” he said.

“From calming the mind to a new hobby, there’s something in knitting for everyone.”

The kits are organised by level of difficulty from beginner to easy, intermediate and advanced, and include yarn made from merino wool that comes from non-mulesed sheep.

Daley said he had chosen to use pure wool as it is both biodegradable and renewable.

The collection has received high praise from fans, and the knitted hat kit has already sold out.

“The collection is beautiful! So thrilled for you and I can’t wait to receive my kits and get making with love. Keep shining and inspiring,” one Instagram user said.

Another wrote: “Congratulations! I love seeing your projects and following your enthusiasm for knitting!”

“Had a look at your website. I’m a 30-something knitter and crocheter. It’s great see bold, bright colours and modern designs that aren’t ‘granny’ style and in 100 per cent sustainable merino,” a third person said.

Last year, Daley told BBC Sport that knitting has become his “secret weapon” to staying calm.

The father of one said: “There are loads of things I’m doing to keep myself going, like yoga and visualisation, but I’ve also taken up knitting, which could be my secret weapon.

“It’s part of my mindfulness routine, a way of escaping from everything for a while, and I’ve made all kinds of things like scarves and little hats for my son [Robbie].”

You can buy a Made With Love by Tom Daley knitting kit here.

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