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Tips For Looking After Bleach Blonde Hair At Home

We all know that blondes have more fu… Ok, let’s cut the BS. Yes our hair might be one feisty shade of platinum, but being a blonde is also pretty hard work.

Glorious as it may be, unless you want your ends to split, your lengths to frizz, or your roots to turn a dazzling shade of brassy-yellow – you have to know how to care for blonde hair.

Follow these top tips from blonde specialist Harriet Muldoon at the Larry King salon in London to ensure your bleached colour stays in tip top condition.

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Unlike our brunette friends, a good bleach job requires lifting and using stronger peroxides so I therefore would never advise doing your roots yourself. These are skills that have taken professionals years to perfect, knowing how to keep the hair in its best condition, and any mistakes you make may be harder to fix in the long run.

Thankfully salons have reopened, so if you are looking for a refresh then it’s always wise book an appointment.

But while I’d never recommend bleaching your own hair from home, there are several ways to look after your hair and keep it looking its brightest and best from your own bathroom.

Over the last few months I have been discussing products with my fellow colour queen, Amy Fish, and working out which ones we most recommend to use at home that will give the best tone and amazing shine.


These are semi permanent colours used by colourists to correct or enhance to make your colour personalised.

As the weeks go by and your blonde needs some pigment adding in, we would recommend Redken’s Colour Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo, the product no bleach blonde can live without. This toning and strengthening shampoo will keep your blonde brighter, and is the one I often use in the salon.

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