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This Viral Beauty TikTok Has Served Up 10 Amazing Make-up Hacks You Need To Know

Beauty TikTok has delivered in spades with the ultimate video of makeup hacks that we all should have known AGES AGO.

We are obsessed. We love a makeup tutorial as much as the next gal, and there is nothing better than a lowdown of simple suggestions that change the game.

Thank you in advance to @stxph.h for all your wisdom, we salute you. “I use these tips everyday!! the smallest detail or technique can make such a big difference omg,” she posts in the caption.

Here’s a round up of the tips – the beauty TikTok video has gone viral, so you know the advice is golden – along with GLAMOUR’s thoughts on each one.

1. Blend with your fingers

In order to achieve the most natural finish, it’s best to use your fingers to blend in your foundation. Also, it’s the best way to get into all the different parts of your face and spread it evenly. Who knew?

2.  Use a sponge sprayed with finishing spray

In order to make your base last longer and for it to be applied as evenly as possible, spread finishing spray over your face using a sponge, instead of just spraying it straight on to your skin.

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3. Only put concealer under your eyes

This is a game changer. It’s all part of the mission to use a little product as possible around there to prevent creasing, according to our TikTok guru.

4. Be careful with how you apply brow wax 

Don’t double dip your brush in your brow wax jar, basically. “The oils from your face can dilute the product, making it less sticky/effective,” Steph explains.

5. Don’t rush the blending process

If you let your concealer sit before you blend or “marinate”, you’re ensuring that you use as little product as possible while still getting full coverage. Mind blown. 

6. Layer it up

Another tip to make your look last longer: spray finishing spray between each layer.

7. There’s a really easy way to prevent eyeliner smudge

Use dark eyeshadow or powder to contain areas where your eyeliner might smudge or bleed.

8. Accentuate your lower lash line

This helps to better define the inner corner of your eye. Magic.

9. The ultimate place to put highlighter on your face is revolutionary

Applying highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes and onto your lower lash line helps to brighten and open up the area.

10. When setting, it’s all about the tapping

At the end of the process, the sponge returns. Drench it with setting spray and tap your skin with it to “melt the product into your skin”.

Every day is a school day, thanks to these amazing TikTokkers.

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