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This TikTok Hack Could Stop You Getting Sunburned

So we all know by now that applying your SPF is a must – the absolute holy grail of skincare according to TikTok, and pretty much everywhere else. 

Come rain or shine, we need to slather on the protection because not only do we want to prevent skin damage, but we want to ward off signs of premature ageing, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Thankfully there are endless SPF products that can help us in our bid to keep our skin in tip-top shape. But, honest question, how many of you continue to reapply suncream throughout the day? *No shade* if you don’t, because plenty of us don’t…

It’s not even the forgetting part but the “when do I actually need to reapply” part that has us failing at SPF etiquette. But luckily for us, there is now a product that can help us with that very issue – AND it’s TikTok approved! What more could you want?

A company called SPOTMYUV has birthed genius stickers that tell you when you reapply your suncream. No really!

It is billed as the first clinically proven UV detection sticker that tells you if your suncream is no longer working due to its patented dermatrue skin mimicking technology.

Basically, when you apply your purple sticker (known as SPOTs) and coat suncream over it, it goes clear. After spending some time out in the sun, the sticker will change back to purple, which lets you know it’s time to reapply suncream.

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Explaining the science behind it, the company says: “Our non-toxic dye turns purple in UV light. This dye only senses light, which is why we say SPOTMYUV is solar-powered. When you apply sunscreen and face SPOT to sunlight, the UV Sensing Ink recognises that you have applied enough SPF, and it turns clear.”

You can basically apply the SPOTs on any part of the body where the skin may be exposed, and they will last all day as you run, play and go for a dip.

Perfect for yourself or your children, the SPOTs are waterproof, sweat-resistant, and hypoallergenic. They’ve thought about it all!

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

The SPOTs have been a massive favourite with TikTok users, with many putting it to the test with amazing results.

One user reported that the SPOTs told her to reapply suncream after two hours in the sun, while the other was thrilled about the stickers working at her son’s football game on a scorching day.

So this summer, make sure it’s the stickers you’re peeling off at the end of the day, not your burnt red skin!

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