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This £20 TikTok Viral ‘Satin Sleeping Bag’ Protects Your Bed From Fake Tan & We’re Obsessed!

With great fake tan comes great responsibilities: the responsibility to keep washing our stained, biscuit-smelling bed sheets day-in and day-out for the rest of our lives. 

Plus, the slightest crinkle in our bedsheet or the reapplication of tan from our sheet back onto somewhere else on our body, and you wake up with all sorts of patches and streaks. 

It’s all worth it though for glowing, sun-kissed skin, right? In theory, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t jump at a better way of doing things.

Oh, what’s that you say, there’s a better way of doing things?

As with everything good in our life, we saw it first on TikTok, which is exactly the case when it comes to this £20 item that can protect your bed sheets.

The product in question is the Self Tan Bed Sheet Protector from Next, which is specifically designed to protect your linen from fake tan transfer.

Basically camping for self-tanners (and also those who don’t ever intend on going camping outside of their own bedroom, ever again), the sheet is essentially a sleeping bag, designed to sit between your mattress and your duvet, forming a handy little pocket that you can slide into.

It also comes with a fold-over section that covers the edge of your duvet. This means even if you sleep with your arm out, the sheet will get stained – rather than your bedding.

This must-have product was first brought to our attention by TikTok user @cxmakeupstudio, whose video on the bedding has hit over 500,000 views.

“Omg guys, this is a game changer,” that odd robotic TikTok voice over says. “It protects your sheets from fake tan.

“It’s like a little satin sleeping bag and all you have to do is hook it over your pillow, you can put two pillows side by side if you need to”

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She goes on to say: “No more smelly sheets. It stops staining and there’s enough space to move inside. They do it in different colours, too”

Unsurprisingly, the comments are flooded with fake-tan fans tagging their equally-as-obsessed friends in disbelief at this simple solution to their problem. 

“How have we not got this,” writes one, while another comments: “I need this.”

We also noticed several boyfriends in the comments section, tagging their girlfriends in and suggesting, with varying levels of kindness, that she buy one of these. 

The Next website explains: “Also perfect for your travels, whether you’re tanning or just for hygiene reasons! Simply hook the top of the product onto your pillows, slip the rest inside of your bed and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Includes a handy drawstring bag for storage.”

The sheet protector is usually available in four colour ways, but is currently sold out in black, leaving you with the choice of pink, grey or navy. 

Fake tan fans, remember this moment, because your life is about to change. 

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