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These COSRX acne patches sell every 25 seconds – and there’s 25% off at Amazon

Banish spots overnight with the COSRX Master Patch Blemish Covers – now down to just £4 at Amazon

The popular pimple patches are now reduced at Amazon

If you need a way to get rid of spots quickly, refrain from popping or picking them and try using a pimple patch instead.

With thousands of five-star reviews, the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches are made from a hydrocolloid material, which is designed to speed up spot healing process by creating a moist environment. They also stop you from picking at the concerned area, reducing the risk of scarring.

It comes as no surprise, then, that one pack of the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches sells every 25 seconds globally.

Best of all, you can currently buy the spot treatment patches with 25% off at Amazon – now reduced from £7 to £4.05.

At Amazon, the blemish patches – which come in packs of 24 in three sizes – have over 18,000 customer reviews, with shoppers claiming the cruelty-free spot treatment patches are ‘magic’ and a ‘life saver’. Some buyers have even claimed they reduced the size of their pimples overnight.

As they’re waterproof, the patches can be worn under makeup to conceal breakouts, and they shouldn’t leave any dry patches after you use them.

One reviewer said: “I used to buy these on eBay and never realised I was pretty much buying knock offs until I bought these from amazon. I swear by these – I’ll never pop a spot again.

“They literally incinerate your spots and leave barely a trace. I always find its so unhygienic and bad for your skin to try pop them, it irritates your skin and makes it red and its more likely to come back.

“These remove all the impurities and aren’t harsh at all! I looked long and hard for things like these and turned my nose up at all the expensive alternatives – I’m so glad I did. These are great!”

Another happy customer wrote: “Bought this for my teenager, who gets some breakouts and while she doesn’t mind teenage acne most of the time, the occasional large zit can be annoying.

“We tried it on a recent large pimple and after leaving it on overnight and better part of next day the pimple reduced in size and healed very quickly. Ideal for those who want a quicker fix than the creams can offer.”

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