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These blemish-fighting Faace masks help clear up acne – save 20% with our code

Battling breakouts? These acne-fighting treatments are designed to leave you with clear and glowing skin – and we’ve got an exclusive discount code

Kick breakouts to the curb with these potent products

When you have a busy schedule, all the stress and environmental factors can really take a toll on your skin. With an endless amount of products available on the market, it can be hard to establish which ones are suitable for your complexion woes.

Thankfully, skincare brand Faace have come to save the day with their selection of fast-acting face masks. Best of all? We have an exclusive discount code that will save you 20% on your purchase.

Faace offers face masks for a range of specific needs, including menstruation, menopause and dullness. Adding one of these award-winning products to your routine can help keep your skin clear by calming and preventing blemishes.

Even better? Our exclusive discount code, MIRROR20, gets you 20% off everything on site. Simply apply this to your basket when you reach the checkout to get the saving.

Sweaty Faace Mask

Ideal for fitness fans, the Sweaty Faace leave-on mask and primer helps keep blemishes at bay by fighting external aggressors.

It hydrates, soothes, tones and keep pores unclogged, contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

Tired Faace Mask

Has a heavy night wrecked your skin? Enter: The Tired Faace Mask.

The lightweight gel formula works to brighten, hydrate and restore radiance. It can be applied daily or weekly to transform tired skin into glossy and glowing.

Period Faace Face Mask

This must-have mask is specially designed to help ‘time of the month’ skin.

Faace recommends using it pre, during and post period to help fight temperamental skin and potential breakouts.

It moisturises, calms inflammation, minimise pore size and improves skin tone and texture.

Getting up early, long days at work and a busy commute can all have an impact on your complexion.

So, if you’re in need of some skincare saviours, look no further than these must-have masks from Faace.

If you exercise often, the Sweaty Faace leave-on mask and primer (£27) is right up your street. It helps to combat blemishes and external aggressors, ensuring your skin stays clear and toned. The formula contains vitamin C and antioxidants to leave you glowing.

Meanwhile, the Tired Faace Mask (£27) is ideal for anyone wanting to restore skin radiance after a heavy night. The lightweight gel formula worksto brighten, hydrate and restore radiance. It can beapplied daily or weekly to transform tired skin into glossy and glowing.

The Period Faace Face Mask (£27) is great to use if you tend to suffer with ‘time of the month’skin – aka dehydrated and dull with angry breakouts. This calming formula is designed to relieve irritation and improve skin tone and texture.

Faace are completely vegan, organic and cruelty-free and their products are made with naturally derived ingredients. It’s no wonder their Sweaty Faace mask-primer went viral on TikTok.

You can shop their entire collection of face masks at – while stocks last.

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