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These 5 People Will Inspire You With Their Genderless Approach To Style – PAUSE Online

As we reach the end of the Spring/Summer 2023 Men’s Fashion Week cycle, it’s only become clearer that genderless fashion is the new way to really push the bounds of style. Shopping categories have expanded and the runways are flooded with fluid designs. Although some of us have never limited ourselves to the labels of shopping departments, dressing fluidly is still a new concept to most. Understanding clothes are just clothes and that they are not attached to gender is the first step, but understanding the art of self-expression and personal style is vital to mastering genderless fashion.

Aside from tasteful styling, accomplishing genderless style is much different from the usual protocol of following new trends. It’s not about keeping up with the crowd. It’s truly about following your instincts and wearing what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. However, we know how things can be easier said than done, which is why we’ve connected with five stylish innovators that truly embody fluid fashion to get the scoop on the secret to their sauce. These individuals make genderless fashion look easy or extremely calculated in the best way. Ahead, you’ll meet five new sources for style inspiration and discover that following your gut is the best thing you can do for your sense of style.

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