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The very best bath products to perfectly elevate your bathing experience

An intrepid quest to find the best….

Never underestimate the power of a really good bath. But you have to get it right. Consider this your ultimate guide to all the best bath products. Because sometimes there’s nothing better than a good soak.

Picture this:  the candles are lit – not one but several – the hot st­eam rises off the water as clouds of fluffy lather float on the surface and aromatherapy oils fill the air. There is complete and utter silence (and the best bath products) – this is your time.

After a long stressful day in the office / running errands – delete where applicable – there is nothing better than a long soak in the tub. However, we believe in the restorative and calming powers of a good bath so much that we encourage you to jump in at any point during the day. We feel that even a short twenty-minute break in the morning can be just what’s needed. Yes, they take a little longer than a shower, but it’s worth the time and effort. A bath has the ability to ease tension in your body, relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

There’s something about taking time for yourself, be that in the morning or evening. Plus, when you find out how many calories you can burn in the bath it seems silly not to indulge in one.

Do baths help you sleep?

Baths have been proven to help you get to sleep. It’s something to do with temperature. Your body heats up in the tub and followed by the rapid-cool down once you’re out that relaxes you and sends your body into sleep mode.

Crafting the perfect atmosphere

When it comes to crafting the ideal setting luxury candles are firmly at the top of the list. We could wax lyrical (no pun intended) about candles all day and therefore have adopted a more is more attitude. So why not get a few on the go?

Graham & Green Gold Bath Caddy with Stand – £35
Do not skip this step. This will elevate your bath levels to the upper echelons. This offers a spot to put one of your candles. A rest for your book (or iPad, no judgement here). Somewhere for your mug of tea (read glass of wine) to go whilst you soak.

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