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The Receipts Podcast do GLAMOUR’s Bestie Test

The Receipts Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the UK and is hosted by Tolly T, Audrey, and Milena Sanchez – three funny, intelligent, opinionated, and all-around good vibes cultural creators and best selling authors of their debut book Keep The Receipts. And now they’ve officially joined GLAMOUR’s Bestie Test family.

If you don’t know about them or their award-winning, then we don’t know where you have been for the past five years, but think of them as your coolest, agony aunt wrapped with the wisdom of your nana and the sass of that favourite cousin you only see at Christmas, plus a sprinkle of bad b energy. Their podcast – with 138 episodes and counting – always delivers their realest, most honest, and unfiltered opinions about anything and everything, be it popular culture, relationships, race, and empowerment, you name it, even if it might be a little hard to hear, they always make us laugh with their banterful and bold personalities.

Tolly T, Audrey, and Milena confess that they came together probably in the most millennial of ways, by linking up on Twitter of course. In the GLAMOUR Bestie Test, they revealed how they knew they would get on from that first IRL hang-out back in 2016 as Tolly T was looking to embark on a little adventure with likeminded women.

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Although they came from humble beginnings with having four-to-five thousand plays on their very first episode back in 2016 (which of course sounds like a lot of listeners already), that number quickly grew, and they have now gained a colossal and loyal following from all over the world HOW MANY LISTENERS?. They have managed to create an unfiltered space, where people from varied ages and demographics tune in to hear about their life experiences, discuss important topics that affect the everyday woman, laugh about their funniest escapades and cry with them on their misfortunes. 

More recently The Receipts girls have been found gracing billboards across London, or on tour at one of their sell-out live shows, recording another pod in their friend’s studio/garage, or doing the absolute least, chilling in their sofas, all wrapped up, have a good old time, because ‘gorgeous-gorgeous girls’ live for the best of both worlds.

Meet The Receipts Podcast:

Tolani Shoneye aka Tolly T 

A freelance beauty journalist, and scriptwriter who is always ready to share her opinion with no fluff: “Be about something, have something. I hate when it’s ‘meh’. Like I don’t like ‘meh’ people,” she tells us when asked about her biggest pet peeves. Tolani is also the proud creator of Story Story, a platform dedicated to storytelling: stories about love, relationships, and everything in between. She is also the host of Netflix‘s 10/10 Would Recommend, a podcast that sees her and her cohost talking and rating Netflix titles. She has worked as a producer for The Art of Hip Hop, a podcast commissioned by The Tate and Bumble’s Love Is podcast alongside TTYA Talks, a podcast that focuses on navigating creative careers, by talking to successful women in that space. Tolly T is always up for a joke but she’s also big on empowering people, especially other Black women like herself who are fighting for opportunities everyday. 

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Audrey Indome

Audrey is a media company PA who is is bound to make you laugh with her immpecable timing and humour: “Yes, that’s me, I tell actual jokes!” she says. Audrey moves with intention and gumption and she won’t be backed into a corner. Known to hold down multiple things at the same time, i.e. touring the country with her Receipts teammates, writing a book with them,  holding a demanding full-time corporate job, and still being present for her friends and family. She is passionate about protecting other Black women and is an example of empowerment in this new age of UK social media voices. “Fighting colorism is something that’s really close to my heart and I’m really, really passionate about it. I just feel like I just have to use my voice to speak up on it. I’m really big on cancelling people that have been involved in it, in any way. If they’ve done anything remotely colourist to Black women like I don’t mess with them at all,” she says. 

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Milena Sanchez 

A 30 years old Columbian-born singer/songwriter who has the most angelic singing voice, Milena is not shy to throw you a tune at any given time if you ask. But don’t let the voice if an angel fool you, there is a lot more to her. Milena is family orientated and the proud mum of one. To her, loyalty is important, and she is comfortable sharing the lengths she would go to protect her own. “If there’s like a fight that someone’s got into and we’re all backing it, I’m there, I’ll back you guys,” she says. She is also a confident and open person, who is not afraid to discuss taboo subjects like sex and family dynamics, sharing her own personal experiences in the hope to help others. Milena is often spotted created content for socials, making guest appearances on shows such as XX and XX along with the other The Receipts podcast hosts.

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This trio is not to be underestimated. Watch below as The Receipts Podcast completes one of the hardest Bestie challenges, successfully completing a tough question line covering topics like what their hypothetical jail time crime would be, their biggest pet peeves, and the hill they would die on, spilling all the tea, but ALWAYS with receipts.

Hey girls, are you doing auditions for a new friend… we’re in!

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