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The Moon Cycles You Need To Know About In 2022 & How They Really Impact Us

Waxing Gibbous is at its peak on the following days in 2022: 12 January, 11 February, 12 March, 11 April, 10 May, 9 June, 8 July, 7 August, 5 September, 5 October, 3 November, 3 December

Full Moon

A Full Moon occurs when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, which subsequently means the sun is completely illuminating the moon. As the sun and the moon are also opposite Zodiac signs, this will create feelings of tension and unease, as we fight the balance between two extremes.

“During the Full Moon the skies are illuminated. For me, I think the Full Moon as the torch in the darkness, it’s an opportunity to shine a light where change is needed for the next cycle and reassess the alignment and anything that isn’t working,” Rachel says. “It’s also the time where our ancestors would have used the brighter skies to party and celebrate, so it can be seen as a celebration.”

The Full Moon is at its peak on the following days in 2022: 17 January, 16 February, 18 March, 16 April, 16 May, 14 June, 13 July, 12 August, 10 September, 9 October, 8 November, 8 December

Waning Gibbous

Shortly after the Full Moon, the moon starts becoming less illuminated again.

“Waning Gibbous is almost like the time before you get your monthly bleed, where the moon is going from full to small again, during this time the most fears and doubts might come up. We might feel anxious during this time, but it is a good opportunity to unpick how we might be getting in our own way, and release and let go of that which isn’t serving us,” Rachel explains. 

Waning Gibbous is at its peak on the following days in 2022: 19 January, 18 February, 19 March, 18 April, 17 May, 16 June, 15 July, 14 August, 12 September, 12 October, 10 November, 10 December

Waning Crescent

As the final illuminated fraction of the moon slowly begins to disappear, becoming the New Moon, we will find our emotions reflect this.

“For me this would be the moment of clearout. It’s almost like autumn, the leaves are falling away, we are decluttering. We might want to declutter physically – so clearing out our wardrobes – but also energetically, you might want to sit down, with a journal, and ask where your energy leaks are. Ask yourself who or what in your life leaves you feeling drained,” Rachael says.

“Moving your body in some way is also a really good way of doing thing, going for a run or doing stretching, it’s all to create space to help us prepare for the New Moon and again call in our highest vision.”

Waning Crescent is at its peak on the following days in 2022: 27 January, 26 February, 27 March, 27 April, 25 May, 24 June, 23 July, 22 August, 20 September, 20 October, 19 November, 18 December

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