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The Body Shop’s new wellness range is quite literally what dreams are made of

We need to take care of ourselves. To say we’ve been through a stressful time during the last couple of years doesn’t scratch the surface. Since 2020, “insomnia” has been googled more times than ever and #selfcare overtook #skincare as the most commonly used hashtag in beauty.

According to WSGN, 52% of millennials are currently unable to sleep due to stress, and while no amount of candles or bubble baths can change the situation we’re in, research has shown that dedicated “me-time” can – scientifically speaking – shift the way our bodies respond to it.

 “Forming new habits and bedtime rituals is the only way to reset our sleep cycles. If ‘sleep re-education’ measures are not put in place, we will see in the future the emergence of more sleep problems, such as insomnia leading to psychological fragilities, such as anxiety and depression,” confirms Maxime Elbaz, Doctor of Neuroscience and Specialist of Sleep and e-Health at the European Sleep Centre.

It’s not exactly news. We know how important rest and recuperation is – it’s just that it can feel impractical, or even frivolous, to prioritise it. But creating a calming environment can help heaps. And if we want to supplement with little treat-yourself moments that don’t cost tons, The Body Shop has a new wellness range, launching 1st March, that provides a welcome distraction.

It focuses on three categories mood-boosting (Boost), mindfulness (Breathe) and sleep (aptly named, Sleep). Even better, the Sleep range’s signature blend of lavender and vetiver essential oils have been clinically proven by the European Sleep Centre to help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of sleep. There’s seven products in the collection to help slow and calm busy minds before bedtime. 

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