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The Body Shop Best-Sellers To Buy Plus Why It’s A Cult Brand to Know

The Body Shop stans, assemble! The OG cruelty-free beauty brand has just reformulated their best-selling skincare range to include a breakthrough ingredient that has 43% more antioxidant power than retinol. Yes, you read that correctly. The range, which was originally called Drops of Youth but will now be known as Edelweiss after its hero ingredient, has just dropped in stores and is expected to sell out fast. 

Its extraordinary powers is all down to the key ingredient, Edelweiss, which contains leontopodic acid, a unique and powerful ingredient that’s 43% more antioxidising than retinol, and 60% stronger than ferulic acid (another potent antioxidant). Thanks to these properties, it helps to maintain skin barrier health and turbocharge resilience against everyday environmental aggressors like pollution, UV exposure and stress. 

In true Body Shop style, the new range has used responsible farming methods, and abided by strict ‘green chemistry’ principles. Naturally found in the mountains of Switzerland, where the plant benefits from unpolluted air, irrigation from pure glacier water and high soil terroir, the Edelweiss flower is organically farmed and harvester by hand to respect the alpine biodiversity, and the leontopodic acid is extracted using zero chemical waste.

The revamped range consists of replacements for the Drops of Youth predecessors, including the Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate, as well as brand new products like the Intense Smoothing Day Cream, Liquid Peel and Bouncy Sleeping Mask. 

The Body Shop Intense Smoothing Day Cream

Aside from an impressive ingredients update, the new Edelweiss range has another, equally as important message.  Last year, The Body Shop launched a self-love campaign to inspire inner confidence and commissioned a Global Self Love Index, which revealed that the majority of people globally think the beauty industry can have a negative impact on self-confidence stemming from altered images and unrealistic claims. It became clear to the company that the name ‘Drops Of Youth’ was incongruous with their key values of empowered skincare. “We are taking a huge commercial risk in changing the name of our most popular range, but it is worth it to stay true to our purpose,’ says Lionel Thoreau, Global Brand Vice President of The Body Shop. “The Body Shop
believes that ageing is a joy and a privilege, and our job is to lift people up, helping them age powerfully, rather than wish they were in a time-machine.”

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