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The Best Maternity Nightwear | Glamour UK

Best believe you can wear whatever you damn well please when you’re pregnant. You’re literally growing another human inside of you – and comfort is key – so if anyone dares question your fashion choices? Well… they best sleep with one eye open. That said, it doesn’t mean to say you don’t deserve to feel cute while donning your comfies; enter the search for maternity nightwear.

If your belly is expanding every minute (or, at least, that’s what it feels like), squeezing into your usual cycling shorts and oversized white T-shirt or sexy lingerie might not be the answer. It’s time to admit defeat and treat yourself to a new set of well-deserved pyjamas. Anything to help you feel a bit more comfortable when you cosy up to that body pillow at bedtime, right?

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There really is nothing better than turning in your maternity jeans for a cosy dressing gown at the end of a long day (or at the start, to be fair), and that’s even if you’re not pregnant. When you’re eating for two, however, basics such as maternity leggings, maternity knickers and maternity loungewear become somewhat of a uniform. The same goes for maternity nightwear, especially when it passes as WFH loungewear.

With stretchy waistbands that comfortably cover your bump and support it – without making you feel like you’re being squeezed – and tops that allow for breastfeeding, maternity nightwear forms the base for most pregnant women’s wardrobes. The best part is that often you can get away with wearing the separates out and about as maternity clothes – no one will even notice and if they do, who’s going to question someone who’s pregnant? No one.

If your maternity pyjamas are pretty plain then you could totally get away with dressing them up by wearing a blazer over the top when you need to pop outside, but if you’ve got something a bit more dressy to attend then be sure to take a look at our maternity wedding guest dresses round-up.

Maternity nightwear is a perfect contender for mum-to-be gifts, so if you yourself aren’t expecting then be sure to treat someone you know who is. This gingham seersucker shirt and shorts pyjama set from ASOS is sure to be a winner for anyone whose pregnant during the warm and sweaty months of summer, it’ll keep you cool and comfy. Elsewhere pieces like this maternity nursing nightdress from JoJo Maman Bébé are great for easy breastfeeding access – it features a drop down clip so you can open the neckline – and are an absolute essential for hospital bags and those late night feeds once baby arrives.

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Continue down to our round-up of the best maternity nightwear for a seriously comfy and well-deserved rest.

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