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The Best Fringe Styles For Different Face Shapes

While a fringe can be a great way to switch up your hair without committing to an all over chop, there is no denying that they need a bit of consideration for the best results. After all, once you’ve cut a fringe, there is no going back – well, for a few weeks at least.

Plus, the addition of a fringe can dramatically change your overall look, so it’s always best to make sure it’s a look you actually want. A full-on fringe can give instant French-girl vibes, a micro-fringe looks edgy and alluring and this season’s biggest. hair trend, the curtain fringe, will add 70s swagger to your look. But preferences aside, there’s also the issue of which style and length of fringe best suits your face shape.

“There’s a fringe for everyone, but not every fringe fits every face,” says Luke Hersheson, hair stylist and CEO of Hershesons. “It’s not so much about the shape of your face, but you need to take your forehead into consideration.”

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According to Luke, if you have a longer forehead, you can get away with every type of fringe, including really thick, full style. However, if you have a short forehead, then the closest you want to go to a fringe is a grown out curtain bang or something a little longer than doesn’t cover your whole forehead.

It’s also a good idea to chat through different options with your hairdresser – they are the experts after all. “A fringe is such a personal thing, there’s no universal style that suits each face, so it’s something that you really have to figure out with your hairdresser,” says Andreas Wild at Larry King Salon in Notting Hill. “Ultimately, you want the fringe to help frame the facial features, so a longer face might suit a fuller, longer fringe that sits just above the eyes, and a rounder face might suit a more open style so as not to squash the features. It’s also very important to look at the texture of the hair and look to see if there are any cow licks that can affect how the fringe sits.”

As for how to get the most out of your salon appointment when it comes to fringes? Luke advises bringing photos of the styles you like – and the ones you don’t. “It’s really important that your hairdresser has an idea of both, especially because your idea of a certain style could be very different from theirs.”

Keep scrolling for the best fringes on different face shapes to show your hairdresser at your next appointment…

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