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The best co-working spaces across the UK for serious productivity

Co-working is a bit of a buzz-word at the moment. And with many of us still working from home (or at least partly), thousands of start-ups being registered daily — according to Companies House — and a slew of burnt-out employees going freelance, it’s hardly surprising that co-working spaces have been popping up all over the country. And these achingly-cool spaces aren’t like the stagnant co-working office blocks of the past, oh, no, friends, they mark a new era for workers, one that mixes Instagrammable interiors, a relaxed atmosphere and a roster of events and social opportunities to rival Google (yes, some of them do even have sleep pods). 

So, whether you want to be able to just drop by and pay per day when hunching over your laptop at home feels all too much, or you’re looking for a regular set-up that will take care of all your needs, we’ve picked out the best co-working spaces across the UK that will ensure procrastination takes a hike. 

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