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The 8 Best Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses

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The warmer months are coming and so are flowy maxi dresses! If you’re having a hard time styling your favorite flowy dress, have a look at our style guide on what shoes to wear with maxi dresses for the best outfits!

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe staple. They’re comfortable, stylish, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There are tons of maxi dress styles, ranging from dresses that can be worn to formal occasions, dresses that can be worn casually, or ever dresses that can be worn as beach attire.

While there are technically maxi dresses for every season, usually when you think about these beautiful pieces, summer and springtime instantly come to mind. Usually, maxi dresses are made with light and airy fabrics that are perfect for warm weather, and they often have a delicate aura that is enhanced by sunshine.

Maxi dresses are flattering on most body shapes, which makes them a good choice if you’re looking for easy outfits that don’t require much effort to put together.

Speaking of which, as maxi dresses are essentially an outfit in themselves, all you need to do is to think about matching your shoes and bag to your dress, and perhaps what you’ll wear on top if it gets chilly. So what is the right pair of shoes to wear with this type of dress?

To help you out, in this article, we rounded up the best types of shoes to style with your maxi dress. All of the pairs featured below are shoppable, so if a particular shoe has caught your eye, just click on the photo and it will take you right on the retailer’s website!

Now, let’s find the perfect footwear for you!

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses

1. Sandals (Flat Or Heeled)

For a summer day, you can never go wrong with simple sandals. Both flat and heeled sandals are one of the best shoe styles to wear when hot weather strikes and you want to let your feet breathe and feel fresh.

Flat sandals are perfect for casual days or when you want to be on your feet most of the day, but you can also explore heeled sandals with a block heel or wedge if you’re looking for something dressier.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something dressier with a bolder look, may we suggest going for lace-up or gladiator sandals? This is a cute look if you have a maxi dress with a high slit!

2. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are another option that is perfect for summertime, especially if you’re going for a wholesome look. They come in both flat and wedge styles so you can choose what works best for your feet!

Espadrilles were originally designed in the Mediterranean, and they’re typically made from canvas or linen fabric with jute soles. Thanks to this, they’re generally much more breathable than other closed-toe flats that you may have.

For a casual day, we recommend going for a floral print maxi dress with this casual footwear. We totally love these gorgeous designer espadrilles, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, check out DSW’s espadrille collection.

3. Wedges

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Wedges are a great way to add height to your look while still staying comfortable. This shoe style comes with a solid heel, so they’re far more comfortable than regular stiletto heels. They also come in a variety of colors and straps, so you can find the perfect pair to match your maxi dress.

We particularly love a good pair of tan or white wedges – lace-up styles are especially beautiful!

4. Stiletto Heels

What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses: Blush stiletto heels
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What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses: Nude and clear stiletto heels
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What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses: Dark brown stiletto heels
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Stiletto heels are the perfect addition to any outfit especially if you’re going to formal events. They add a little bit of height and sophistication, which make them the perfect shoe to wear to weddings, for example.

However, as you probably know, stiletto heels are not necessarily the most comfortable shoes ever invented. Consider opting for a shorter heel height like a kitten heel, if you need to be on your feet the whole day.

5. Block Heels

Similar to wedges, block heels are a great shoe to wear when you want to add a little bit of extra glam into your look, but still want to remain comfortable. They have a wider base which means they’re more stable than stiletto heels or pencil heels.

Chunky heels come in a variety of heights, so there’s bound to be one that works for your maxi dress!

6. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a must-have for colder days. They can be used to add a little bit of edge to a floral maxi dress in the summer, or just as a staple styling piece in the winter.

Alternatively, if you’re into a more tomboyish or no-nonsense vibe, you can also style your maxi dress with combat boots. Nowadays, it’s all about comfort and mixing feminine pieces with contrasting details. Combat boots provide exactly that!

7. Sneakers

Ah, sneakers. Our favorite shoe to wear on most summer days, perfect for running errands. In our opinion, the best type of sneaker to wear with maxi dresses has to be the classic white sneaker that’s not too bulky, Veja sneakers being a great example.

However, feel free to experiment with different sneaker colors, too! To make your look even more casual, throw in a light wash denim jacket and a crossbody bag!

8. Platforms

Green platform sandals
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What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses: Black strappy platform heels
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Black platform sandals with gold chain
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Platform sandals are another great option for girls who love comfort. They will give you an extra boost of height while still being easy on the feet.

Platform shoes come primarily in two types: shoes that are elevated from the ground without having a raised heel, and classic heel-type platforms. If comfort is paramount to you, simply opt for platforms that have a low heel, or no added heel height at all.

And there you have it! We hope you found this style guide about the best shoes to wear with maxi dresses helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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