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The 10 worst baby names have been revealed (and some of them are actually very popular)

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  • Picking the perfect name for your little one can be a tough job – do you follow the trends and pick something from the most popular baby names list? Do you think ahead of the curve and opt for something from the top baby name predictions? Or do you want to revive some of these nearly extinct baby names?

    There are so many options and unique monikers to choose from nowadays. Over the next few years, the experts have predicted that celebs and royals will influence the names of the next generation (think Ariana and Meghan, naturally), and we’ll be more inclined to choose floral names like Ivy, Daisy and Willow.

    However, Mumsnet has decided to try and find the 10 worst baby names of all time by asking readers: ‘What would you never name a child and why?’

    The results are… interesting. The top ten isn’t made up of banned baby names or anything too unusual – in fact, a lot of the names that made the list are actually very popular monikers right now.

    So why are people singling them out?

    Here are the names that not everyone is a fan of…

    Worst Baby Names

    1. Mia  – Because it means ‘missing in action’

    2. Lana  – As spelled backwards, it looks rather rude

    3. Fanny  – ‘For obvious reasons’

    4. Grace  – Because ‘there are very few accents that say it gracefully’

    5. Amelia  – As one mum ‘find(s) the ‘me’ so whiney’

    6. Graham  – As ‘it sounds like Grey Ham’

    7. Flora  – One mum admitted: ‘(it) makes me think of bacteria’

    8. Alexa  – Because it sounds too much like the virtual assistant

    9. Mercedes  – A parent said: ‘She’s a child not a car’

    10. Luna  – Because ‘it’s a pet name’

    What do you make of the names on the list? Have you been put off choosing some of the most popular monikers for these reasons?

    We think they’re all still really cute, to be honest…

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