Switch Color – Unity | Admob | Fresh Design

Switch Color – Unity | Admob | Fresh Design

Author: sansdevsPrice: $9

Introduce Switch Color

Switch Color is a fully unity template ready for release with fresh rounded design.

We hope that this asset helps you a lot. And we will appreciate if you rate us and tell us your opinion about our asset.


Download Android Demo


How to Play?

  • Tap, Tap, Tap to get the ball past each obstacle
  • Follow the color pattern to cross each obstacle



  • Full ready to publish
  • Customize objects color (Ball and Obstacles)
  • Admob integrated (Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded)
  • Endless game
  • Document included
  • How to Reskin User Interface (UI)


  • Unity 2019.4.21f1 or higher


  • Instal Unity 2019.4.21f1 or higher version to load up the project and see the document file(pdf) for details about editing, reskining and Etc.

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