Super Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Pro

Super Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Pro

Author: gameempirestudiosPrice: $29

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Super Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Pro

Jigsaw puzzle game for kids, very simple and fun! A super easy, fun and addictive game!

With simple and super beautiful graphics!

Using only one hand, with just a touch of the screen !!!

The game is ideally suited for mobile devices!

A complete game!

1 – 80 levels;

2 – 20 different images;

3 – 5 categories (Vehicles, Farm, Forest, Christmas, Halloween);

4 – 4 difficulty modes;

5 – Separate level system by game mode;

6 – Coin System;

7 – Shortest time by game mode;

8 – System of quantity of movements of the pieces by game mode;


Skills developed:

1 – The puzzle reinforces the existing connections of the brain and encourages the formation of new connections;

2 – Helps to improve activity and mental alertness;

3 – Stimulates the left side of the brain (with logic and rationality);

4 – Stimulates the right brain (with the creativity and artistic vision of the work).



  1. html cleaner  Cute and awesome graphics
  2. interactive connection  Size: 1080×1920 Full HD resolution
  3. replace text  Construct 2
  4. gibberish  HTML5 Mobile and Browser Optimized
  5. html table div  All platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  6. html table div  Share Button (Facebook and More Games)
  7. html table div  Included HTML5 Files and Source Files for Export to IOS & Android
  8. html table div  Local Storage: Best time
  9. html table div  Custom Screens: Splash, Main Menu, Image Selection, Game Mode Selection, Game Screen, Game Completed Screen
  10. html table div  Cool Simple Gameplay and No Programming Knowledge Needed
  11. html table div  Easy to Reskin, Add Content, Change Source
  12. html table div  Including Constuct 2 files (.capx, all source)


  1. html cleanerInkscape editable image files (SVG)
  2. html cleanerLMMS editable music file (MMPZ)

Important informations

Easy to change the image, just replace the image file! Customize your own game and place it in IOS or Android.

Customize your own game and put it on IOS or Android:

  1. Access the Manual Official Construct 2!

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