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Sunglasses To Make You Wish It Was Summer All Year Round

Are you the type to wear sunglasses inside? I am. Guilty as charged. It has nothing to do with being a diva or thinking I’m some Anna Wintour doppelgänger, but rather with the fact that some days, I simply can’t get it together. Plain and simple. I could blame it on being a working mom with no childcare, but it’s not that. Way before that was my reality I had days where I looked like “dead woman walking” – pale as a ghost and tired as heck. Why shouldn’t I feel better about myself by slipping on a pair of shades? I’ve stopped feeling awkward about it long ago. I’m no more or less likely to wear sunglasses in the winter than in the summer (protection from the cold wind too, right?) and no more or less likely to wear them indoor vs outdoor.

Whether or not you agree, it’s hard to deny that the below sunglasses will have you wishing it was summer all year round. These aren’t merely functional accessories, but rather can become statement pieces that make an outfit.

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