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Summer Jackets: 25 Best Summer Jackets For 2022

We’ve been searching for some summer jackets to add to our wardrobes recently. The British weather continues to dance around the 20°C mark, with weeks full of mostly-cloudy days and the odd thunder storm thrown in for good measure. And it’s really throwing us off. While it may seem totally contradictory to everything we know about dressing during this season (baring as much skin as possible in floaty, breezy silhouettes that’ll keep us cool), a lightweight jacket is somewhat essential in these unpredictable temperatures.

Even earlier in the year, when we finally thought it safe to pack away our winter coats and puffer jackets, we leaned on spring jackets to keep the chill at bay (trench coats, cardigans and raincoats were our best friends). It’s best to be prepared for all those BBQs, picnics, weddings and alfresco lunches you have planned this season – after all, goosebumps aren’t exactly the chicest of accessories.

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June usually marks the beginning of daily sunshine, but so far instead we’ve been faced with heat waves that last about two days and end abruptly with buckets of rain – which is not so great when trying to plan what to wear to work every morning. Save yourself the guesswork by investing in a summer jacket that is thin enough to chuck in your bag but substantial enough to lend some warmth, and is somewhere between a bomber jacket and a windbreaker. That way you’ll have something that’ll see you through ‘til September.

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