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Strick Discusses Going From The Air Force to Platinum with Travis Scott – PAUSE Online

It feels to me that it’s a bit of a jump to go from that to music, how does that happen?

I always made music, it’s a hobby I had and something I always wanted to do. It got to a point where I decided I felt like I could really make a name for myself in the music industry and it would have been a conflict of interest to continue to have been in the military because I wanted to be able to give one hundred per cent to my music career. That’s kind of just how the transition came about. I always made music as a hobby but I just started taking it more seriously.

When did you first start making music? What are your first memories of making music?

In high school, I think everybody dabbles around a bit during High School and I had a friend who had a rap group and he let me come by his crib. He had a home setup and we did a few things and it grew from there. It was a fun hobby, I thought I was good at it and it was something I really enjoyed.

So, you were also making music while in the military?

Yeah, I used to record myself in my barracks.

Describe that set-up to me, if I was to walk into your setup?

Just a laptop, I used to record directly into the mic from the laptop. It was nothing too cool.

Since making the transition into being a musician, you now have some big people in the music industry around you. Who do you look up to in the industry?

I’ve had a very rare situation where I’ve been able to be blessed in that a lot of my peers are in the industry and I was able to watch a lot of them have their success and come up and vice versa. My peers want to give me opportunities to shine and they know how hard I’ve been working so, of course, shout out to Young Thug and YSL. It made a change in my life being signed and them having the faith and belief in me and now I’m here. That changed my life and that’s somebody who has definitely been helping me along the way. 

How did that happen, Young Thug signing you to YSL?

We already had a rapport. I started up as a songwriter and he was like ‘hey man, you should start doing your own stuff.’ That’s why I have so much respect for him because he could have not said anything. I told him that music was a passion of mine and that I really wanted to do it and he helped me bring everything out.

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