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Stranger Things Fans Go Wild Over Adorable Video Of Young Sadie Sink On Broadway

Stranger Things hysteria is back in full swing thanks to the return of the show to Netflix – and the anticipation of another installment in July – and as ever, we’ve fallen even further for the talented cast of the 80s supernatural drama.

For many, Sadie Sink was the standout star of the fifth season. And if you needed another reason to love her, a mega-cute video of the young(er) actor has emerged on TikTok, back when she was starring in Annie on Broadway.

The video probably dates back to around 2012, when Sadie was a part of the swing cast for the musical – she later took on the title role of Annie for a few months.

She’s seen in a backstage interview alongside co-stars Madi Rae Dipietro and Taylor Richardson (now starring in The Gilded Age), giving us ultra-cute vibes as she chats about the show. 

“I’m Sadie Sink, and I’m swing,” she confidently tells the interviewer, who comments on her red Annie-like hair. “I swing all the orphans, including Annie, except for Pepper and Molly,” she adds. 

Cue hundreds of commenters reacting to the mini Sadie. “SHE’S SO CUTE,” one writes, with another adding: “Bless her heart omg.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Others commented on how impressive it was that Sadie was the understudy for so many characters in the show, which it really is. Before Stranger Things, Sadie proved she has major musical theatre props as well as being a star on screen.

And if you want more adorable Annie content featuring Sadie Sink, there’s an incredible YouTube video of her singing the iconic song Tomorrow from the show – and totally nailing that high note. Enjoy:


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Sadie has previously spoken to GLAMOUR about being an actor from such a young age – and how that changed when she became an adult. 

“I think definitely growing up in this industry when you’re starting out as a kid, at least for me, I’ve always been very timid, even with things like interviews when I was first being introduced into that world and I was very timid and very nervous,” she said.

“Then as I’ve become more comfortable with it, you start to find your voice and get in the groove of things. That is really empowering for me, just to see how far I’ve come and how much more of a voice I feel like I have now compared to when I first started out. You can see it, looking back at videos of myself acting or in interviews when I was younger, compared to where I am now, it’s amazing to see that self-growth is just all captured on camera, on the internet, everywhere.”

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