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Sticky Method: The TikTok Hack That Conceals Acne

Ever found yourself in a sticky skin situation? Enter: the sticky method (no seriously, bear with us). 

Listen up, despite what years of airbrushing and perfectly filtered Instagram photos may tell you, there really is no such thing as perfect skin (unless you’re five years old… their collagen levels are through the roof). And though we might not all be fighting the same skin battles, we bet there’s no one reading this who can honestly say they’ve never wanted to cover up spots, blemishes or uneven textures on their face. 

Whether you struggle with adult acne (in which case, you might need our ultimate guide to acne causes, symptoms and treatments) or just find your face becomes a hotbed for sebum around your monthly bleed, feeling good in the skin we’re in makes a big difference to our overall confidence, hence why there are so, so many different types of concealers out there. 

But one method of covering up those pesky pimples that you’re unlikely to have heard of before is the ‘sticky method’ – no, we don’t love the name either, but we love that it only uses three products and that, according to the makeup artist who invented it, it can cover any and all spots. 

Mikayla Nogueira, 24, from Massachusetts, is a renowned makeup artist, who has earned viral fame – and 13.4 million followers – on TikTok by sharing top beauty tips and product recommendations. In one of her latest videos, the beauty pro revealed the process through which she completely conceals her acne – and it racked up over 3.1 million views in just 21 hours. Not too shabby.

“Here’s how to perfectly cover acne using the sticky method,” she starts off the video saying. “We’re going to make these [blemishes] look like they don’t even exist on the face.

“It’s called the sticky method because our face is about to get really sticky.”

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So what exactly is the sticky method and how do you achieve it?

Step One: The process begins with a hydrating serum that will leave a slightly ‘tacky’ layer on your skin. While Mikayla herself opted to use the Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum, she notes that “any serum that leaves the face feeling a little bit tacky after it’s applied is going to work out… any serum that gives a tacky, sticky finish”.

After applying the product all over her clean face, she demonstrates that it leaves a slightly sticky residue which you are to let dry.   

Step Two: Then onto the next step. For this you apply a “gripping” primer – essentially any product that is meant to prime the skin while also helping to adhere any makeup to your face.

“I’m going to go in with the E.l.f. Power Grip Primer. This is a very sticky, gripping primer that grips makeup to the skin,” Mikayla explains, though she highlights that there are “tons and tons of gripping primers out there.”

“After we’ve done this, our face is going to be very, very tacky and that is what we need, because that is going to adhere our matte concealer like glue.”

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