Sleepoo : Sleep Stories, Calm Anxiety & Stress

Sleepoo : Sleep Stories, Calm Anxiety & Stress

Author: AyCrPrice: $34

Having trouble falling asleep at night? Use Sleepoo to relax your mind and learn how to start sleeping better. With calming bedtime stories, soothing sleep sounds, sleepy guided meditations; you’re sure to get into the perfect natural headspace to settle down at night.
Whether you’re trying to improve your fitness, get some stress relief, find your zen place before bed, drown out your partner’s snoring, or find a quicker way of helping your new baby / kid’s get to sleep – we’ve got you covered. Make falling asleep a dream.


  • Meditations
  • Bedtime Stories
  • Personalized Relaxation
  • Admob & Facebook A.N
  • Banner and Interstitial Ads
  • OneSignal Notifications
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Support MP3 & M3U8
  • High Quality Image Assets
  • Easy Re-skin
  • Easy Customize App
  • Professional Design App
  • Share Button
  • Beautiful Layout Design


  • Bedtime stories for kids
  • Bedtime stories for adults
  • Short stories to nap to
  • Relaxing stories
  • Calming stories
  • Better sleep
  • Restful sleep


  • White noise
  • Rain sounds
  • Lullabies for babies
  • Zen monk chants
  • Gently swaying oak trees
  • Calming sleep music
  • Relaxing melodies
  • Water sounds
  • Melodic harp & guitars
  • City rain
  • Pink noise
  • Fan Sounds


  • Happiness Program
  • Breathe
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Personal Growth
  • Wind downs
  • Sleep Stories
  • Meditation Melodies
  • Soundscapes
  • Natural Sounds

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