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Sleep Schedule Politics: How To Tailor Your Day Based On Sleeping Patterns

After working out, then is a good time to eat breakfast, and Alex recommends fibre and protein. “Foods like oats are perfect thanks to their high content of soluble fibre – you can make these of an evening, mixing with an oat milk and a high-quality flavoured protein, ready for serving after your morning stretch. A protein-packed overnight oat pot will have Early Birds full until lunchtime.”

For when the afternoon slump hits, Alex suggests avoiding caffeine and going pairing a decaf drink with a natural energy booster such as vitamin B12.

Night Owl Ideal Morning Routine:

“The biggest mistake I see people making is trying too hard to go against their own sleep cycle,” says Alex, “Our sleep type is hard-wired into our genes, and unfortunately there is very little we can do to change this.” We can already feel that heavy sigh for Night Owls. 

“However, the best choice is to work with your body, to understand what works best and what doesn’t. Having said that, a typical 9-5 work lifestyle is better set up better for Early Birds, so if you are finding yourself struggling to rise for a 9am work start, there are some simple changes to your environment that can help you feel more ready for the day.”

*Opens notes app: “Natural light is one of the main signals to our internal clocks that it’s time to wake up; it’s no surprise we all tend to feel more tired in the winter months. If you’re wanting to rise early, try leaving your curtains open during the summer months to let the natural light wake you. And when you’re trying to get to sleep earlier than your body may naturally like, make sure your room is very dark and cool, around 18 degrees which is the optimal room temperature for your body whilst asleep.” explains Alex.

He says that these types of people tend to skip breakfast or delay mealtimes, but to boost your productivity you should eat soon after waking up. “Early mornings often feel rushed for late-risers,
so a grab-and-go food is ideal. Something light and simple but packed full of slow-release carbohydrates to maintain energy levels throughout the day until lunch, such as a wholegrain-
based muffin or snack bar,” he adds.

As for exercise, Alice says you should make the most of evening bursts of energy and work out then. “Exercise boots mood and energy, so try not to do intense aerobic exercise too late, as this will may make you feel more alert, which isn’t ideal for bed time,” says Alice.

“Take time between your training session and when you plan on heading to bed, in order to let your body reset and wind down. I always say just try and get your exercise in whenever you’re feeling most energetic, be that at the beginning of the day, on your lunch break or as an evening blast, whichever suits you and your wellbeing best.” 

“The biggest mistake people tend to make when getting in to a routine is only sticking to it Monday-Friday. For a new habit to form, you’ll have to stick with it on weekends too – your body will ultimately thank you for going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, because consistency is something your body needs.”

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