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Shoppers swear this bladeless fan is ‘as good as the Dyson’ – and it’s half the price

Cool your home down for less with this Dyson dupe

It looks extremely similar to Dyson’s £349 version!

Like our houses, us Brits just aren’t built to cope well with heat and a blast of cool air from a fan can make all the difference.

Although Dyson’s are one of the most popular choices when it comes to fans, it’s safe to say they don’t come cheap with prices soaring to over £700.

But, fear not, as we’ve spotted a bladeless ceramic fan on Amazon which shoppers say is ‘as good as the Dyson’ but for half the price – now that’s music to our ears.

Although it may look similar to Dyson’s £349 bladeless fan, the biggest difference is in the price as the Amazon dupe will set you back just £175.

Bladeless Ceramic Fan & Heater with remote control, £175

The fan features 10 different speed levels and can be used as both a cooling fan and a heater for when winter comes around. It has an oscillating function too, meaning it can reach every spot in the room and comes with a remote control, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn it on.

You can choose between white or black and the fan even comes with a one-year warranty, so you’re covered if something happens.

You don’t just have to take our word for it either, as the fan has received plenty of glowing reviews, with customers praising it for it’s excellent value for money and ability to cool down rooms in just seconds.

One happy customer said: “Not being a Dyson means it is cheaper in price, which was important to me being budget restricted. I think it does the same job, heats, cools, and can be used as a dehumidifier. Easily portable and comes with a remote.”

A second said: “We have only had this a little while, but (thanks to the British summer) had to use both the cooling and heating functions. Both worked well heating/cooling the room quickly. Compared to other brands this seems excellent value for money.”

The fan features 10 different speed levels, and it can be rotated as well as having an oscillation setting. As the reviews mention, it can also be used as a heater in the winter, with three different heat settings – great for the UK’s unpredictable weather.

There’s no dangerous spinning blades, meaning it’s much safer for kids’ and pets, and for some reason if it does get tipped over, there’s an automatic shut-off mode.

With the cost of living rising, luckily the fans power only reaches to 35W max, with an Energy Efficiency Grade 1, meaning it’s not going to cost you a fortune to run.

There’s also a one-year guarantee to keep you covered should something happen to the fan.

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