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Shop the best silk pyjamas and printed pyjamas

We may be returning to the office, but that doesn’t mean we need to forego comfort completely, and that’s why the best pyjamas are still your ultimate at-home wardrobe essential – and not just for nighttime.

Thanks to lockdown and the huge spike in interest for loungewear, brands have stepped up their PJ game big time – gone are the days of the humble button-down shirt.

As we slowly transition into autumn trends, I’m seeing a lot of chic oversized pyjamas in bold tones and prints and rich jewel hues, which you can easily dress up or down depending on your plans for the day. Cult brand Sleeper have always been great at serving up co-ords that simply need a pair of heels to feel put-together.

If you’re feeling decadent, and after all, this isn’t an investment you’ll regret, there are plenty of designer sleepwear options out there. Head to my favourites Desmond & Dempsey, Three Graces, Agent ProvocateurOlivia Von Halle and La Perla, where you’ll find everything from luxurious lace-trimmed silk slips to short linen suits.

That said, there are plenty of budget-friendly and just-as-chic styles on the high-street, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s range for M&S, to Zara Home’s neutral cotton gowns and striped pyjamas.

Sustainable sleepwear

If you’re looking to add more sustainable clothing brands to your wardrobe, then there’s no reason to stop at pyjamas. The key is to do your research on the fabric, prioritising those that are as natural as possible so they will stand the test of time, but also avoiding blends that aren’t easily recyclable.

For example, 100% cotton or 100% recycled polyester can be recycled, but a blend of both can’t be, for the moment at least. It’s also worth looking at how ethical the fabrics are.

Companies such as Nightire and Luna & Noon use vegan silk rather than silk derived from silk worms, and if cotton or linen are your preference, make sure the fabrics are certified fairtrade and organic, so you know that workers are treated fairly. You can usually find this information on the product page or on the ‘about us’ page online, though you can always call Customer Service for more information.

Here’s an edit of the best pyjamas to shop now.

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