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Features of sendify:

 we are using One Signa l service

– easily send notifications with title, content and image to your clients.

– send to your clients predefined templates

– check your notification details and analytics


We are using clean architecture in this project and its very seprated and you can easily integrate it as module in your projects too.


– SOLID principles

– Dependency injection using Get it

– Bloc pattern

– Paginated data

– Source code is developer-friendly

Version : Flutter 2

eM3PjLgWiOv8tTnnuMRLZg.png” alt=”Flutter 2 Is Here: All You Need to Know After Flutter Engage. | by LeanCode | The Startup | Mar, 2021 | Medium” data-noaft=”1” />


bloc - Visual Studio Marketplace


7xHdCFeYfD8zrIivMiQcCQ.png” alt=”OneSignal VoIP notifications in the iOS app | by Maksym Bilan | Medium” data-noaft=”1” />

Sendify architecture:

Clean Coder Blog


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