Scan Payment App with Xamarin Forms and .NET Core API

Scan Payment App with Xamarin Forms and .NET Core API

Author: pierrenortjetechPrice: $20

This app was created for merchants to allow customers to scan QR codes and make payments.

The pandemic has forced many of us to shift over to contactless payments and this is a solution to that problem.

Merchants can request an amount. Customers then scan the merchant’s personal QR Code and accepts the payment. The merchant will then receive a push notification saying the user has accepted/rejected the payment.

Technologies include the following:

➤ .NET Core 5
➤ Xamarin Forms 5
➤ Microsoft SQL Server 2016
➤ ASP.NET Core Authentication
➤ Stripe (payments) and Firebase integration (push notifications)


➤ Create merchants
➤ Assign roles to users
➤ Assign merchants to users


➤ Request payments
➤ Refund payments


➤ Register account
➤ Login
➤ Make payments
➤ Save card details (secure using tokens for PCI compliance)


➤ Visual Studio 2019
➤ Microsoft SQL Server

Full source code and documentation included.

Tested and working on Android API 29.

We’re happy to help with any bugs you encounter!

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