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Runway Bangs to Inspire You to Flaunt Some Fringe

If it seems like everyone is favoring fringe lately, you’re not crazy. Practically everyone is. Plenty of stars have recently made the switch. Lady Gaga, Zendaya, Emily Ratajkowski and more are having some fun with fresh fringe. In fact, it’s making us feel like we want to book a salon appointment ASAP. First things first though. We need a little inspo. Which is why we turned to recent fashion shows to uncover the best runway bangs.

We’re talking curtain bangs and their offshoots. (Like a shaggier, center-focused alternative dubbed “bottleneck bangs”.) Sideswept fringe is also still very popular. Especially on shorter hairstyles. Think pixies and cropped bobs.

There are also some more hotly contested options. Baby bangs definitely aren’t easy to pull off, but well worth the effort. Only if you can balance them out. Blunt bangs may seem intimating. Although if you team them with a blunt cut, your chances of success improve exponentially.

Really want to ramp up the drama? Sport curly bangs or extended swoops. Feel free to experiment with layered bangs and layered locks, too.

Scroll down to discover 30 runway bangs that’ll inspire you to make the drastic decision to finally flaunt some serious fringe.

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