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Rihanna Nailed Her First Maternity Beauty Look

It’s official: Rihanna is pregnant. She announced the happy news on January 31 to make our Monday just a little more bearable. But unlike many other stars who typically share pregnancy photos via their Instagram accounts, Rihanna tapped celebrity photographer Miles Diggs, known to many as Diggzy, to post the scoop.

A close-up photo shot by Diggzy, which you can view here, shows the “Work” singer’s pregnant belly with the caption “SHE IS !” Though we don’t see anyone’s face, even before checking the tags, you’ll recognise Riri’s henna-inspired hand tattoo. She’s wearing a vintage bubblegum-pink Chanel coat unbuttoned to show off her belly, with a long golden cross necklace featuring colourful jewels that cover her stomach. 

The singer’s hands are in her pockets, though we get a peek of her thumbs showing off her short, squoval pale-pink manicure. Diggzy also tagged rapper A$AP Rocky’s Instagram account and other photos exclusive to People magazine show the proud parents-to-be smiling together while posing in Harlem. (A$AP Rocky was born in the NYC neighbourhood.) One photo features A$AP Rocky kissing Rihanna on the forehead and another shows the duo walking together holding hands. 

In the last photo, we get to see Rihanna all by herself. Her oversize jacket practically touches the floor, which is necessary in New York City’s blizzard. Of course, she looks glamorous with a full face of makeup. Dark shadows were smoked out on her eyelids. Her cheeks are sculpted and chiseled to perfection. Her half-up hair features a cute top-knot and her pink ombré lipstick looks divine.

Though there have been many times fans speculated that Rihanna was pregnant, it’s incredible to see the news is now true. We already know the “Kiss It Better” singer is going to blow us away with her maternity looks. Congrats, Riri!

This story originally appeared on Allure.

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