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Reebok & BAPE Team Up for Club C 85 and Instapump Fury Release – PAUSE Online

Teaming up, once again, for the release of their latest partnered offering, Reebok and BAPE recently unveiled the launch of two updated silhouettes for your consideration.

This time around, comprising a concise drop of the Club C 85 and Instapump Fury trainers, it marks the first time the duo have worked together on the styles with expectedly on-point results. Both seamlessly fusing the established label’s aesthetics with desirable results, the silhouettes feature an expectedly heavy hand in terms of co-branding and incorporation of BAPE’s iconic camo print with the label’s signature ape head also featured prominently on the Instapump.

Thoughts? Check out some shots from the Ro.Lexx lensed campaign below featuring musician Bryson Tiller alongside label mates Ryan Trey and Nia Sultana and shop the styles via the brand’s website starting from the 15th of January.

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