Quiz Plus – An ultimate solution for Quiz/Exam/Survey

Quiz Plus – An ultimate solution for Quiz/Exam/Survey

Author: Sangib_123sahaPrice: $39

Are you thinking to upgrade your existing examination or assessment system?

I think you just come to the right place.

Quiz Plus is developed for your institutions like Schools,Colleges,Coaching centers,Companies or
any other institutes who want to take online or offline (in case of LAN) Quizes, Exams, Tests, Competitions,
Challenges or Surveys.

Quiz Plus is a single page web application developed by Vue.js with .NET core 5 API and
you have flexibility to choose Sql server, Mysql, Sqlite, PostgreSql or Oracle as database provider.

We will keep updating this project regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes.
Please share your feedbacks and new feature requests, we will try to implement those on upcoming versions.

Live Demo


Video Tutorial


App Features
App Features
App Features
App Features
App Features


  • Separate API and CLIENT project.
  • Swagger API documentation.
  • Material design UI template.
  • No Jquery dependency.
  • No sql file dependency.
  • Vuex for state management on client side.
  • Vue Router for navigation.
  • Axios to call Api.
  • EF core as ORM.
  • Export data on Pdf & Excel.
  • Shown chart on Dashboard using chart.js
  • Database Seeding & Migration.
  • Handle HTTP error pages(like 404,401,403 etc).
  • CORS Managing technique.
  • Api authentication & authorization using JWT.


  • .NET core 5
  • EF Core 5.0.6
  • Sql Server 2012 or higher/Mysql 5.6 or higher/Oracle 12c or higher/SqLite 3/PostgreSql 13
  • Vue 2.6
  • Vuetify 2.2
  • Vuex 3.5
  • Vue router 3.2

Quick Start Guide

Quiz Plus application has two separate project i.e. QuizPlusClient and QuizPlusApi.

  • Open QuizPlusApi project on Visual studio code. Then open appsettings.json file and replace the Connection String by your one.
  • Open terminal on VS Code and write below commands
    • dotnet ef migrations add initial
    • dotnet ef database update
    • dotnet run

    You should see your API listening at localhost:5001.

  • Now open QuizPlusClient on VS Code. Open terminal and write
    • npm install
    • npm run serve

    Your project will be running at localhost:8080.
    Please see the video tutorial or documentation for detail illustration. You may also see the live demo.

Server Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Runtime 5
  • Sql server / Mysql / Sqlite / PostgreSql / Oracle (based on your preference)

Change Log

Version 1.0

  • initial release

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