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Quilted Everything to Wear Everywhere

Sometimes it takes a while for a trend to really catch on. We refer you to ever-popular bike shorts. Opera gloves are also in this category. By now you’re probably very familiar with quilted jackets. But they actually first started picking up steam way back in the fall of 2018. An offshoot of the still trending puffer obsession, quilted coats were spotted on almost every single Fall 2020 runway.

But designers didn’t just stop at jackets. Which is a good thing because we’re kind of over the coat forms. Besides, we already have several versions in our closets. Skirts, pants, vests and accessories have also received the quilted treatment. Not that we’re complaining. There’s something so cozy about padded accents this time of year, after all.

While there are plenty of cool coat options out there, other categories are beginning to take off. Our favorites? Fancy footwear, detachable collars, bags of every shape and size along with bucket hats. (You didn’t think the latter was going away, did you?) This is one of those instances where you can literally wear quilted pieces from head to toe without looking ridiculous.

See below for the most stylish ways to get your quilt on in 2022.

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